ALS Treatment Update: Radicava Webinar

Were you unable to attend the ALS Treatment Update: Radicava webinar? See below for a full recording of the webinar and key highlights.

  • MDA Scientific Program Officer Amanda Haidet-Phillips provides an overview of Radicava (edaravone), the drug recently approved for the treatment of all forms of ALS.
  • Representatives from MT Pharma America, the company marketing Radicava in the United States, share information about Radicava and drug access.
  • Radicava is now available for individuals with ALS.
  • MT Pharma has initiated a program called Searchlight Support to provide education and assistance for people who receive Radicava and the health care professionals who care for them.
  • Searchlight Support has dedicated care coordinators who will help families and health care providers obtain benefits verification, copay support and infusion site care coordination.
  • Individuals and families should first discuss the treatment with their MDA Care Center physician or other health care professional to determine if Radicava is the right option.
  • For questions about Searchlight Support and accessing the treatment, families can call 844-772-4548 or visit the website. There, you can sign up for news and updates about Radicava, including when it will be available.