Born Determined: 10-Year-Old Michigan Girl With Myotonic Dystrophy Defies Limits Every Day

myotonic dystrophy Kayla living unlimited by running on the track

Fabiola and Matthew watched their daughter run one lap. Then two. Then three. Kayla rounded the same bend again and again, a look etched on her face that her parents knew well — determination.

All in all, the 10-year-old ran nine laps at the Grand Rapids, Mich., Juniors River Bank Run. Other kids may have run more, but to Kayla and her parents, those nine laps were a marathon. They were as big as beating Usain Bolt in the 100-meter.

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13-Year-Old Author with CMT Made International Headlines with her Petition to American Girl. Now She’s Written a New Book with a Heroine She Can Relate To.

13-year-old Melissa Shang is an activist, an advocate and an author. She’s spoken at the United Nations, given a TedX talk and just published her first book. She is a girl on a mission. And it all started with an American Girl doll named Isabelle. For Melissa, Isabelle was the last straw. Every year, American . . .

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