Meet Marley, MDA’s 2016 State Goodwill Ambassador from Connecticut


Marley CT

Hometown: Mystic, CT

Diagnosis: I have Spinal Muscular Atrophy Type 2, and I was diagnosed when I was 1 year old. SMA is a genetic disease affecting the part of the nervous system that controls voluntary muscle movement.

Age: 15

Favorite School Subject/Activities: I am currently a sophomore in high school. My favorite subjects in school are Computers, Art, French and Chemistry.

Favorite People and/or Pets: I love all of my pets! This includes my dog Cricket, rabbit Pom Pom, ducks Edna & Eddie, and chickens Gwendolyn, Sisily and Peep!

Interests: I enjoy playing games, music, and being part of a Photography Club. I am the manager of Unified Sports Teams.

My favorite Things About MDA: I enjoy kicking off Muscle Walk, speaking at fire departments, and being a Shambassador!

5 Fun Facts About Me: 1. I am half Australian and half American- I’ve visited family in Australia four times! 2. I hope to attend either MIT, Stanford, or UC Berkeley while majoring in computer science. 3. I am an artist & photographer. 4. My favorite band is Coldplay, and I’ll be going to my first concert this summer! 5. My favorite television shows are The Office (US), Downton Abbey, Sherlock, and Doc Martin.