Meet the Shamrockstars 2016: Seth

Sham SethIt’s the final week of MDA Shamrocks sales, and Lowe’s and many other retailers across the country still have Shamrocks available. As we head into the final days of the 2016 MDA Shamrock season, please continue to encourage your friends and family to support MDA by purchasing Shamrocks wherever they are sold. And don’t forget to thank retailers for supporting MDA.

And now, without further ado, our final Shamrockstar of 2016… Seth!



Age: 9

Hometown: Stephenville TX

Diagnosis: SMA Type 2

What it’s like being on an MDA Shamrock: Seth says “Good!” and offers two thumbs up.

Home & family life: Seth lives with mom, dad and an older sister.

Favorite school subject: A third grader, Seth says his favorite subject is reading … if recess doesn’t count.

Interests & Activities: Seth has an incredible talent for and love of drawing. He enjoys going to the movies and to the theater to see plays. Seth loves playing with Legos, superheroes, his iPad and video games on the Wii U.

MDA Camp and Care Centers: Seth was diagnosed at the age of 9 months at Cook Children’s in Ft.Worth, an MDA Care Center. Seth has attended MDA Summer Camp for the past two years at Camp John Marc in Meridian, TX.