New York Metro Good Will Ambassador

New York Metro Good Will Ambassador

Adelina Rosso, Age 8
Manhattan, NY

Home and Family

Adelina lives with her father John, mom Lucinda and her older brother John Robert.


Adelina was diagnosed at the age of 3 with Central Core disease. The disease is named for damaged areas within muscle cells (the “cores”), where the filament proteins are disorganized and mitochondria (the tiny energy-producing factories that power muscle contraction) are missing. The impact of these “cores” on disease severity is still unclear.


Adelina is in the 3rd grade and her favorite subjects are English, Math and Art.


Adelina’s main interests are writing and art. She takes art classes at the Art Studio of NY and takes a writing workshop at Writopia. But her main talent is friendship. She does not shy away from meeting new people and never feels like anything is out of her reach.

MDA Activities

Adelina has attended the MDA Telethon in New York City as well as Manhattan’s social events, A Taste of Down Under and Muscle Team. She has also been photographed with Natalie Morales for an MDA Muscle Ad. Adelina has participated in the International Heartsongs project and her art piece, “Colors by Addy,” is part of a permanent art collection in Greece. Adelina’s parents met with Senator Gillibrand on behalf of MDA to support muscle disease awareness and relating pending legislation. She recently went to the Today Show for the International Association Fire Fighters anniversary of the MDA Fill the Boot program.