New York State Goodwill Ambassador

New York State Goodwill Ambassador

Samantha Grace Hyde, Age 7
Glenville, NY

Home and Family

Samantha lives with her 10 year old sister Ashley, parents Lora and Chris, and pet bunny “Princess”


At age 2, Samantha was diagnosed with Dejerinne-Sotta Disease. Dejerene-Sottas (DS) is a subtype of Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease (CMT). DS is a severe neuropathy (disease or abnormality of the nerves), with generalized weakness sometimes progressing to profound disability, loss of or changes in sensation, curvature of the spine and sometimes mild hearing loss.


Samantha is a 5th grader.


Samantha is an energetic and fun loving young girl loves to draw, sing, swim and dance. She is a daisy scout, sings in the church choir and participates in plays. She loves the library and playing outside. She is always excited to try new things and nothing slows her down.

MDA Activities

Samantha has been active with the MDA for 4 years. She is involved in many aspects of MDA programs, loves to raise money, attends Muscle Walk, visits Shamrock accounts and Fill-the-Boot drives. She enjoys an active role with fundraisers and supporters of MDA.