Panthers Fan with ALS is Headed to the Big Game, With Help from MDA


Kevin Clay is going to the Super Bowl.

A Carolina Panthers superfan, he will be in California this weekend to cheer on his beloved team. The opportunity to see the big game in person is, as Kevin says, “a dream come true.”

But the trip to Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, Calif., is particularly meaningful because Kevin is living with ALS, and travel to such an event with a disease that limits strength and mobility can requires extra planning for accessible travel, medical equipment and more.

Happily for Kevin, a number of organizations, including MDA, the Joe Martin ALS Foundation and ALSA, worked together to make this experience happen. Pride Mobility, a longtime supporter of MDA and a national Muscle Walk sponsor, is also helping out.

We reached out to Kevin on the eve of his trip to find out if he had any jitters before the big game.

MDA: How long have you been a Carolina Panthers fan?

Kevin Clay: Since the beginning of franchise. I’m a PSL (Permanent Seat License) owner and go to every home game.


MDA: What are you most excited about this weekend?

KC: Seeing my Panthers bring home the Lombardi trophy to the Carolinas! My wife and I rented a van, so we’re planning to visit Super Bowl City and see some of the beautiful sites in Northern California.


MDA: What are you most nervous about?

KC: Me? Nervous? LOL! Go Big or go home!


MDA: How has ALS changed your perspective or outlook on life?

KC: I embraced and accepted my diagnosis from the onset. It is God’s plan for me! Our family motto is “We Got This!”


MDA: If you could give someone just starting his or her journey with ALS one piece of advice, what would it be?

KC: As progression lapses, always focus on what you can do — not what you can no longer do. Remember to remain positive and keep smiling.


MDA: What has having ALS taught you or what have you learned about yourself that surprised you most?

KC: I’m proud that I have remained positive throughout the journey. I hope I inspire others to do the same.