Ranolazine Trial Seeks Participants with Paramyotonia Congenita

Researchers at The Ohio State University are looking for adults, ages 18 years or older, with paramyotonia congenita to participate in a phase 2 open-label study being sponsored by Gilead Science to test the experimental drug ranolazine.

Ranolazine currently is approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to treat chest pain in people with heart disease. The goal of the study is to determine whether or not the drug is a safe and effective treatment for the symptoms of paramyotonia congenita.

Study participants will receive treatment with ranolazine and will visit The Ohio State University in Columbus four times in a period of one and a half months to complete questionnaires, physical tasks and evaluations to assess efficacy. Funding may be available to cover travel costs.

Participants must have a diagnosis of paramyotonia congenita and must meet additional requirements.

For additional information on this trial, including trial inclusion and exclusion criteria, visit ClinicalTrials.gov and enter NCT02251457 into the search box. If you or someone you know may be interested in participating in the study, please contact Amy Bartlett at (614) 366-9050, or amy.bartlett@osumc.edu.