SIDEROS DMD Clinical Trial Seeks Participants

SIDEROSResearchers at the University of Kansas and Arkansas Children’s Hospital are looking for boys and men age 10 years and older with Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD) to participate in a phase 3 clinical trial.

The study, called SIDEROS, is designed to help researchers determine the safety and efficacy of idebenone (brand name Raxone), an experimental drug in development to treat DMD by Santhera Pharmaceuticals.

About the study

SIDEROS will assess whether idebenone, which scientists hypothesize may work by improving the way muscles utilize fuel to power movement, will slow decline in respiratory function.

Study participants will be randomly assigned to groups that will receive either idebenone or placebo. After completing the study, all participants will have the opportunity to enroll in an open-label extension study in which everyone will receive treatment with the drug.

The study will last 22 months, and during that time participants will be required to make nine clinic visits at three-month intervals. These visits will include a series of lung function tests to determine changes in lung capacity. Throughout the study, participants will continue to see their regular doctors for routine care.

Trial sites are located in Arkansas and Kansas, with additional sites expected to open soon. Support is available for travel and hotel accommodations.

Learn more

Visit for more information about travel and accommodations support.

To learn more or to inquire about participation, email, visit Santhera’s website at or visit and enter NCT02814019 in the search box.