With help from Dutch Bros., MDA is fighting to end ALS

ALSThanks in part to Dutch Bros.‘ generous support over the last 10 years, including a more than $1 million in 2017, MDA is currently funding 38 active ALS grants, with a total funding commitment of $9.6 million. Recently, we celebrated with the ALS community when a historic step was taken toward defeating this devastating disease. The FDA has approved Radicava, the first ALS treatment to be approved in 22 years and only the second-ever approved drug for ALS.

We know there’s still more to do — more to learn, more individuals and families to support, and more progress to pursue. Thank you, Dutch Bros., for continuing to support this ongoing progress.

In the news: Radicava Available in the U.S.

In clinical trials, people taking Radicava showed significantly less decline in physical function compared to those who were given a placebo. Read more about the drug, including its cost and availability. Read More

Meet Catherine

Catherine Scott (featured above) advocates, manages her family’s finances, plans ALSmeals and makes weekly to-do lists for her kids — all with only the movement of her eyes. Familial ALS, which accounts for just 10 percent of ALS cases, impacted Catherine, her son, her mother and many others in the family. It didn’t weaken the family spirit. Read the Story


MDA currently is funding 38 active ALS grants, with a total funding commitment of $9.6 million


As we honor those affected by ALS and celebrate the advances in research, we also renew our promise to keep pushing forward for a world free of ALS.