ALS – Gary Armstrong, Ph.D.

ALS - Gary Armstrong, Ph.D.
Gary Armstrong’s research focus is on the synaptic defects that occur in the spinal cord and at the neuromuscular junction in ALS.

Gary Armstrong, a senior post-doctoral researcher at Université de Montréal in Quebec, Canada, was awarded a development grant totaling $177,670 over three years to further understanding of the synaptic defects that occur in ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis). Abnormalities arising at the neuromuscular junction occur early in animal models of the disease and very little is known about the role central synaptic defects play in disrupting neuronal communication with the muscular system. A greater understanding of these abnormalities will facilitate the development of the next generation of therapeutics that target early functional defects and slow or stop the progression of ALS.

Funding for this MDA development grant began Aug. 1, 2015.