Devoted MDA Summer Camp Counselor Throws Annual Birthday Bash for MDA

MDA Summer Camp

We know MDA Summer Campers always have a blast during what is often referred to as “the best week of the year,” but what about the counselors and volunteers who donate a week of their time to help make MDA Summer Camp a continual success?

Meet Seth Lewis, an MDA Summer Camp counselor who has been so moved by his MDA Summer Camp experience that he even uses his Jan. 29th birthday as a way to raise funds to help MDA families live longer and grow stronger.

MDA Summer CampSeth’s journey with MDA started nearly six years ago with a social media post.

“A friend of mine was a director at an MDA Summer Camp, and she posted that she needed male counselors,” shares Seth. “After speaking with her and another friend about camp and how it all worked, I decided I wanted to get involved.”

And “get involved” is exactly what he did. Beyond devoting a week of his time each summer as an MDA Summer Camp counselor, he also inaugurated a new birthday tradition: #ReadySethGo.

“I started #ReadySethGO five years ago. I’ve always enjoyed having an over-the-top birthday and getting my group of friends and acquaintances together, so it only made sense for us to raise money for MDA in the process,” shares Seth.

The soiree has been held at Mickey Mantle’s Steakhouse in Oklahoma City the past five years and has ranged in themes from “glam” and “circus” to this year’s simple yet eye catching “bright colors.”

Aside from just asking guests to make a donation, the annual event also includes an over the top raffle which has included film festival passes, dining adventures and concert packages.

MDA Summer CampWhile the birthday extravaganza has raised over $20,000 the past five years, Seth shares that there is no better feeling than seeing those funds being put to use to help ensure MDA Summer Campers have “the best week of the year.”

When asked what his favorite part about volunteering at MDA Summer Camp is, the answer is simple: “The KIDS!”

“There are so many unique personalities at MDA Summer Camp. It’s incredible being with these kids for the week, making them the star for the week, giving them 100% attention and seeing their reactions from the camp experiences. I also love seeing when they break out of their shells.”

To those who may be on the fence about volunteering for MDA Summer Camp, Seth’s encouraging attitude about the experience could very well cause a change of heart.

MDA Summer Camp“Volunteering your time at MDA Summer Camp will make you a better person. My heart, my thoughts, my way of life has changed because of these kids.”

Even when he’s not volunteering or celebrating for a good cause, MDA is never far from Seth’s heart, as evidenced by his response when sharing how he Lives Unlimited.

“I will not let anyone tell me that one act won’t make a difference. I will continue to do everything I can to ensure that the MDA Campers have the best weeks of their lives. I will be the one that inspires others to make a change, to live their lives without limits, to be the best they can be.”

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