Meet the Shamrockstars 2016: Paola

Paola shamIt’s the second week of March, and you know what that means: it’s full-on Shamrocks season! Retailers across the country are selling MDA’s iconic paper Shamrocks for $1, $5 or more to help families live longer and grow stronger.

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This year, MDA Shamrocks feature six kids from across the country, and we’ve be introducing them to you here on Strongly. And now let’s meet Shamrockstar Paola, who will be featured exclusively on MDA Shamrocks sold at Lowe’s Home Improvement stores nationwide through March 31. This year marks 15 years of Lowe’s Shamrocks support. In 2015, Lowe’s raised $7.5 million for MDA during the Shamrocks program, reaching the $50 million mark in overall funds raised since first teaming up with MDA in 2001. So make sure you stop in today to your local Lowe’s to buy your Shamrock!


Age: 8

Hometown: San Diego, CA

Diagnosis: SMA type 2

What it’s like being on an MDA Shamrock: Although Paola is a little shy and soft spoken, she did admit that she’s “really excited” about her moment in the spotlight. Her mom said Paola has been proudly telling all her friends that her photo will be on the Shamrocks.

Home & family life: Paola lives with her mom, dad, and two sisters. Her older sister, Azaleah, is 20 years old and her younger sister, Ximena, is 6. They also have five dogs and an umbrella cockatoo named BomBom – so it is a full house!

Favorite school subject: Paola is in second grade, and her favorite subject is reading. This December she was in the school Christmas play – she had two lines and worked really hard to make sure she remembered them!

Interests & Activities: She loves to color and spend time with her little sister Ximena. They love to do arts and crafts together.

MDA Camp and Care Centers: Paola was diagnosed with SMA type 2 when she was 6 months old at an MDA Clinic. Since 2009, Paola has attended the MDA Clinic at Rady Children’s Hospital. and has been going since 2009 (6 years). She attends MDA San Diego’s summer camp in Descanso, CA at Camp Cuyamaca. She started going as soon as she was eligible at age 6 and has attended for the past two years. She absolutely loves camp and is always talking about it!