Meet Cadence: MDA’s Montana State Goodwill Ambassador

Meet Cadence

Cayden MT

Hometown: Havre, Montana

Age: 9

Diagnosis: I have an unspecified myopathy. Myopathies are diseases that cause problems with the tone and contraction of skeletal muscles.

Favorite School Subject/Activities: Art, Reading, Rocket Math and Science are my favorite things about school.

Favorite People and/or Pets: I love dolphins, including the Miami Dolphins. Although my #1 animal is my dog, Tinker.

The things I enjoy the most in life are: camping, golfing, playing my piano, kayaking, reading, baking, going to school and riding my bike.

My favorite things about MDA: Attending summer camp is the best week every year. I have so much fun and always try new things. I am excited to be the MT Goodwill Ambassador and hope to help other Montanans learn more about muscular dystrophy, such as, some of us look completely healthy until we get to a staircase, have to pick up something beyond our energy level, or walk a long distance.

5 Fun Facts About Me:

  1. I love tater tot casserole and don’t forget the green beans!
  2. I have natural curly hair.
  3. I have my own lemonade stand business.
  4. I am the oldest sibling.
  5. I love my family and friends!


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