Meet Kierra, MDA’s 2016 State Goodwill Ambassador from North Carolina


Hometown: Waxhaw, NCKierra_NC

Age: 11

Diagnosis: Ullrich muscular dystrophy

Favorite School Subject/Activities: I enjoy reading, writing and art.

Favorite People and/or Pets: I love my parents and big brother, Aidan. I have the most wonderful and supportive friends, teachers and doctors. However, my most favorites are all of the camp counselors from MDA Summer Camp.

Interests: I would like to be an author or lawyer when I grow up, and I spend a lot of time reading and learning new things. I love swimming, cheerleading, playing games and have recently become an avid Star Wars fan.

My Favorite Things About MDA: I love MDA’s new brand and messaging which will help people like me live long and independent lives. I’m active with the Muscle Walk and Muscle Team events. Most importantly, I love MDA Summer Camp! I’ve become lifetime friends with many campers and counselors.

5 Fun Facts About Me: 1. I love video games. 2. I am a great student. 3. I am a Disney World addict. 4. I have been horseback riding for 5 years. 5. I am always happy and smiling!