Meet Payton, MDA’s 2016 State Goodwill Ambassador from Ohio


Payton OH

Hometown: Cincinnati, Ohio

Age: 13

Diagnosis: Congenital Muscular Dystrophy (CMD), a group of muscular dystrophies that become apparent at or near birth. CMD results in overall muscle weakness with possible joint stiffness or looseness.

Favorite School Subject/Activities: Reading, writing, and art.

Favorite People and/or Pets: I live with my older brother Jacob and my mom, Angela. I also has three older sisters: Ali, Lauren, and Breanna. I am the proud owner of a guinea pig (Gizmo), dog (Stash), two cats (Annie & Turtle), and share my grandparents’ pets.

Interests: I like geology, singing/song writing, video games, and crafts.

My Favorite Things About MDA: I love going with my family to Muscle Walk, Lock-Ups, and speaking about MDA.  My favorite event is Summer Camp

5 Fun Facts About Me: 1. I love animals. 2. I enjoy art/crafts. 3. Music is a big part of my life. 4.I think science is awesome. 5. I love going to the dog park.