Meet the Shamrockstars 2016: Fulton

Shamrock Fulton Shamrockseason is right around the corner! Pretty soon, your local retailers will be going green for MDA. MDA’s iconic paper Shamrocks sell for $1, $5 or more in tens of thousands of retail locations across the country each February and March and help families live longer and grow stronger.

This year, MDA Shamrocks feature six kids from across the country. Over the next six weeks, we’ll be introducing them here on Strongly. And now… a round of applause for our first Shamrockstar of 2016: Fulton.

Fulton Mantoan

Age: 7

Hometown: Sicklerville, NJ

Diagnosis: SMA II

What it’s like being on an MDA Shamrock: Fulton’s mom Kelly says: “I was really honored and flattered that Fulton was chosen, but I wasn’t surprised when I saw the photo because in it his face radiates joy. That joy represents what camp is and what the experience with MDA has been. From clinic to Summer Camp to MDA events, the experience is always so happy and positive, and Fulton’s photo radiates that happiness. MDA helps bring happiness and joy, and I am glad that Fulton was selected to represent that.”

Home & family life: Fulton is part of a family of 7; he is the 4th of 5 children and his younger brother Teddy also has SMA. The family homeschools their children and are active with their church and scouting with the Federation of North American Explorers.  They love going to the beach.

Favorite school subject: Fulton loves learning about science and talks about wanting to be a scientist when he grows up.

Interests & Activities: Transformers and Star Wars

MDA Camp and Care Centers: Fulton attended Summer Camp at Variety Club in Pennsylvania for the first time last year at the age of 6. Fulton was diagnosed right before he turned 1 at the MDA Care Center at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. He has been a patient at the MDA Care Center at Johns Hopkins University ever since.

How the Mantoan family “lives unlimited”: According to mom Kelly, “The boys are not dying of SMA, but living with it. Our family is living a happy, normal life and SMA is just a small part of it.”