Buy a Shamrock, Grow Hope

It’s March, and at MDA that means only one thing: It’s Shamrocks season! Each St. Patrick’s Day season for the last 37 years, MDA has partnered with 20,000 retailers nationwide to raise a little green (more than $323 million, to be exact) both to send kids to MDA Summer Camp and to fund groundbreaking research . . .

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The Untold History of MDA Shamrocks

MDA’s iconic paper Shamrocks are synonymous with St. Patrick’s Day for millions of Americans who purchase the symbols of good luck at retailers nationwide to help MDA families live longer and grow stronger. But how did this annual tradition get started? Hint: a bright idea and the luck of the Irish.

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Always Up for a Dance Party: Meet Twin Shamrockstars Avery and Kennedy


Twin sisters Avery and Kennedy from California were diagnosed with spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) type 2 when they were infants. Now, they are featured on MDA Shamrocks available at Lowe’s Home Improvement across the country this year. They love being involved with the Shamrocks program because it helps fund their favorite part of MDA: dance parties at summer camp!

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