Arkansas State Goodwill Ambassador

Arkansas State Goodwill Ambassador

Hannah Grace Thomas, Age 12
Fayetteville, AR

Home and Family

Hannah has a loving family including her Dad Mark, mom Mary, and sister Chelsea. She also has many aunts, uncles, cousins and her beloved dog Michi.


Hannah has Charcot Marie Tooth, which causes damage to the peripheral nerves and relay sensations, like pain and temperature. CMT can cause muscle weakness and atrophy.


Hannah is a member of the girls’ choir. She also loves math and is a member of the math club.


Hannah enjoys dance! She is also very studious and enjoys reading for pleasure. She has also developed a love for singing and would like to pursue learning to play the drums. Hannah is very goal oriented and aspires to go to Harvard and become a pediatrician.

MDA Activities

Hannah has attended Camp Aldersgate in Little Rick for 4 years and hopes to one day become a camp counselor. She has also attended and participated in both the Fayetteville Lock-Up and Fort Smith Lock-Up. Hannah enjoys anything with MDA in an effort to give back for everything they have done for her and her family.