Meet Sylvia: MDA’s California State Goodwill Ambassador

sylvia-hpMeet Sylvia

Hometown: Oakland, CA

Age: 15

Diagnosis: I was diagnosed with Bethlem myopathy. Bethlem myopathy is a type of limb-girdle muscular dystrophy—a group of disorders affecting voluntary muscles, mainly those around the hips and shoulders.

Favorite School Subject/Activities: My favorite subjects are leadership and geometry.

Favorite People: My favorite person is Ellen DeGeneres and I also love my dogs Ronnie and Pepe.

Interests: I have many interests including film making, laughing, reading, swimming and advocating for the MDA community.

My favorite things about MDA: I really appreciate being surrounded by people who understand my experience as a person with MD which is one of the most important parts about me.

5 Fun Facts about Me: 

  1. My favorite TV show is Veronica Mars
  2. Ellen DeGeneres & Portia De Rossi are my favorite celebrity couple
  3. I’m president of my class
  4. I enjoy playing Bridge with my grandparents
  5. I’m a youth film maker with the Bay Area Video Coalition

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