A New Resource for MDA Families Living with CMT

The Charcot-Marie-Tooth Association, with whom MDA announced a partnership this summer to further accelerate research, therapies and clinical care protocols, recently published a new book called “101 Practical Tips for Dealing with Charot-Marie-Tooth Disease.

Written by and for the CMT community, the book collects the experiences and advice of those living with CMT on subjects ranging from bracing and stretching to employment and transportation. Staying active starts with being pro-active, bolstered by the support of a community like this one.

Find out more about “101 Tips” and order a copy today.

MDA is a constant source of support and advice for the CMT community, too, with active advocates in Washington, Care Centers and support groups across the U.S., and a National Resource Center staffed with specialists who give individuals and families prompt one-on-one assistance via phone and email.

Together, we live longer and grow stronger.

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