Jared’s Speech on Hope and Courage at an MDA Muscle Walk in Maine

MDA Muscle Walk We would like to thank MDA’s Maine State Goodwill Ambassador Jared Conant for allowing us to share his powerful speech made at this year’s MDA Muscle Walk in Maine.

“Our devotion to ending all muscle disease is making progress. Yet each day, we need to find the strength to continue to push forward with our fundraising and, more importantly, educating our world. Many do not know or understand the difficult challenges we face each day just to do the simplest of tasks, do the best you can to stay positive and keep smiling.

I had another great week at MDA Summer Camp in August. I look forward to this week of fun and friendship. I really enjoy the boat rides, arts and crafts, swimming, and hanging out around the campfires. Also, spending time with the firefighters is a camp highlight for me and the other campers. They do so much for us and are great role models for everyone. Also, I was able to try archery and fortunately no other campers we injured during my target practice. I made some new friends and had the most fun with Paul, Dustin and Leon. The best part of the week is where the focus is not on my disease, as everyone at camp is dealing with a different muscle disease. I am incredibly grateful to share my time and efforts with the wonderful sponsors and volunteers that make our camp possible.

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These people who help us are great role models for me and others who face dire challenges.

Each day they work to help others. I hope in my lifetime that I can be more like them.

I am trying to show others there is hope and how to be courageous even when you face the most difficult challenges.

My body continues to change and frustrations grow, but I am a fighter and make the best of each day. I watched my mom bravely fight breast cancer for four years until she passed. I want to fight my disease as hard as she did for me.

Thank you from my heart for all the support you have given me and my dad the past few years as I have served as the [Maine state] ambassador for MDA. It has been a very busy and rewarding four years traveling in Maine and New England. I have met so many caring and friendly people who are helping me and everyone with a muscle disease. I don’t feel alone because many are there supporting us. You always make me feel special and important. We must stay devoted and find a cure together. I want you to know that I’ll be with you through good and tough times.

Thank you again, and may your day be blessed with His presence.”

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