Kentucky State Goodwill Ambassador

Kentucky State Goodwill Ambassador

Brayden Tiernan, Age 6
Fairdale, KY

Home and Family

Brayden is the son of Patrick and Rebecca Tiernan. He has 2 brothers, a dog and 2 cats.


Brayden has Charcot Marie Tooth disease (CMT). CMT causes muscle weakness and atrophy, and some loss of sensation in the feet, the lower legs, the hands and the forearms. The progression of CMT is generally slow, usually isn’t life-threatening, and it almost never affects the brain.


Brayden is a 1st grader.


Brayden is a Cub Scout. He enjoys drawing, coloring, watching TV and playing the drums.

MDA Activities

Brayden LOVED his first year of Summer Camp in 2014. His favorite activities were swimming, horseback riding and playing music. He participated in stage day and did a break dancing performance dressed as Spiderman.