New Mexico State Goodwill Ambassador

New Mexico State Goodwill Ambassador

Joseph “Joe or Slim” D. Megill, Age 15
Rio Rancho, NM

Home and Family

Joseph lives at home with his mom, dad, two sisters and four brothers. He also has two dogs and two cats


Joseph was diagnosed with Charcot-Marie-Tooth (CMT) at the age of 10. CMT causes muscle weakness and atrophy, and some loss of sensation in the feet, the lower legs, the hands and the forearms. His mother, one brother and one sister also have CMT.


Joseph is home schooled and his favorite studies are math, literature, WWI I history and history of the presidents.


His interests are drama, acting, reading and playing Magic the Gathering. He loves MDA summer camp. He is friendly, outgoing, good with people, articulate and conscientious. He is a member of the New Mexico Young Actors and has performed in many plays. Joseph has a big heart for MDA and wants others to understand what MDA does for him.

MDA Activities

This will be Joseph’s third time as the New Mexico State Goodwill Ambassador. He has emceed the Albuquerque MDA Telethon, visited fire stations during the Fill-the-Boot campaign, and participated in news conferences. He is also a judge for MDA Lock-Ups. He was interviewed on Good Morning Albuquerque to educate everyone about MDA.