5 Reasons You Should Join MDA Muscle Walk

MDA Muscle WalkWe are passionate about Muscle Walk at MDA. This life-changing event strengthens families and communities, helps fund research breakthroughs, provides care for kids and adults, and empowers families with services and support to live longer and grow stronger. For these reasons alone it’s obvious why we love Muscle Walk. But don’t just take our word for it. Learn why five MDA families are equally dedicated to Muscle Walk, and why you should also support this incredible cause.

1.Help othersMDA Muscle Walk

Former MDA Georgia State Ambassador Alexas, who lives with SMA, participates in Muscle Walk to help other MDA families.

“Alexas has the biggest heart,” shares her mother Tammy. “She knows and loves the fact that when she participates in MDA Muscle Walk she is doing something to help others.”

She also loves the opportunity to meet and talk with other kids who have shared similar experiences.

2. Create momentum for treatments and cures for neuromuscular diseases

Stuart Horton, who has CMT, participates in Muscle Walk in the hope of finding a cure for the next generation, including his daughter Samantha, who also has CMT.

“I am hopeful that they find something for the youth and the younger generation — a promise that they will have a better life, a better future and fewer complications,” says Stuart.

Although getting out of the house can prove challenging for Stuart at times, he knows that his efforts are helping to find treatments and cures for others impacted by muscle disease.

3. Do something proactive

It took Melanie Carson years to put a name to what was ailing her. After a decade of being misdiagnosed with everything under the sun and undergoing an unnecessary foot surgery, Melanie finally discovered the truth: She lives with Miyoshi myopathy.MDA Muscle Walk

Although discouraged, Melanie knew she had to take a proactive approach in the fight against her disease.

“Instead of sitting there and wallowing and feeling bad about myself,” she says, “why not go out there?”

And that’s exactly what she did. Melanie started her own Muscle Walk team in 2013, and since then, “Melanie’s Indomitable Will” has raised more than $30,000 for MDA.

4. Build a community

Tammy Gregory and her two sons, Kyle and Travis, who both live with Becker muscular dystrophy, find strength and comfort at their local Muscle Walk in Columbus, Ohio, when meeting other families who have had similar experiences and are facing the same diagnosis.

“It’s nice, because you realize you’re not alone and you’re not the only one. There’s other people like you,” Tammy says. “You can talk to them and they know what you’re going through because they’ve been through it, or they’re going through it.

“I think it helps the boys out — to see that they’re not alone,” Tammy adds.

5. Make memories as a family

MDA Muscle WalkFor Stacy Santiago and her husband, Muscle Walk is about making special memories with their son, Miguel, who lives with DMD.

“I took him out of his wheelchair at the the end of the course so he could walk over that finish line and to prove that we will get him through anything,” shares Stacy. “To hear everyone cheering and clapping [for] his great accomplishment was wonderful for him. We are making memories for Miguel!”

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