I Don’t Dream of Running — But I’m Grateful MDA Team Momentum Does

“What would you do if you weren’t disabled?” Yep — that’s the hard-hitting question everyone and their mother wants to know. Can you say, #cliché? Truthfully, at this point, anyone who’s anyone knows I would twerk. And that’s what I’ve started telling people. But when most people ask, “twerking” isn’t generally the answer they’re hoping . . .

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Chris Benyo’s Memorial Marathon with Team Momentum Celebrates Life

Since my wife passed away in July, there hasn’t been a lot of happiness in my life. It’s just been putting one foot in front of the other and taking everything day by day.

Then the Bank of America Chicago Marathon happened.

Denise and I had planned to run our “golden marathon” on Oct. 9. It would have been our ninth marathon together on the ninth. When she passed in the summer, I wasn’t sure if I’d ever want to use her race chair again.

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Running for MDA Families is How I #LiveUnlimited

Living unlimited is when someone faces a difficult, uncomfortable situation or a “limit” placed on them – by themselves or others — but has the fortitude to defy the limit or move through it. Yesterday, at my visit to one of our 80 MDA Summer Camps, I was reminded again and again how our families face and . . .

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Running Toward a Cure for His Brother

Andrew Hussey runs to work and he runs home from work. He pounds the pavement on the weekends. He runs upwards of 80 miles a week — more than 600 miles since January — training for the multiple races he’ll run this year. But he doesn’t run all those miles for himself. He runs for . . .

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