#Goals: Plan 2019 With MDA

January is a natural goal-setting time. The new year and its fresh calendar to fill out prompt a re-evaluation of how you want to spend your time and your resources. As you’re mapping out your 2019, MDA can fit into your fitness, financial and philanthropic goals — there’s an opportunity for every interest.

Volunteer with us

Whether you’re interested in caring for kids at a weeklong MDA Summer Camp near your hometown, answering phones at a local office or organizing the biggest and best party for our gala series, MDA has a way for you to channel your skills and passions into meaningful differences for our community. Check out all the options and get started on your volunteer journey.

Hit the streets and fundraise your way

Explore your neighborhood — and call your neighbors in to join you — for a walk or run that’s more than a workout. Team Momentum, MDA’s endurance training program, can get you ready to run 10K races or half- or full marathons, no matter what your experience level is to start. Meet families in your hometown at Muscle Walk, where a wheelchair- and equipment-friendly 1- to 3.1-mile course welcomes participants of all ages and abilities. Or set up a concert or bake sale, wash cars this summer, or collect gifts for MDA at your wedding — with Your Way for MDA, you can gather those you love in a project that aligns with your strengths as it strengthens our community.

Make an impactful donation

Whether you decide to donate on Facebook, on Giving Tuesday or on any Tuesday, a gift to MDA furthers our fight for a world free of muscular dystrophy, ALS and related neuromuscular diseases that take away strength and independence. And while you can make a quick and easy donation online at any time, you can give in other ways, too. Read more about Planned Giving to learn about how you can make a substantial gift over time in honor of those you know — and those you can help — living with neuromuscular disease.